Boston (MA)
United States
Consultant, Researcher
Global, Regional, National

Thematic Areas

Telecommunication, Internet
Public Service, Commercial, Community/Citizens
Access, Inclusion and Participation, Diversity and Pluralism, Information, Communication and Expression Rights
Governance, Uses
Economy, Development, Gender, Labour
Specific Themes: 
Women's Rights
Specific Themes: 
Women Empowerment
Specific Themes: 
International Institutions
Specific Themes: 
Specific Themes: 
Specific Themes: 
Gender Mainstreaming
Specific Themes: 
Equal Opportunities
Specific Themes: 
Digital Media
Specific Themes: 
Access to knowledge
Specific Themes: 
Access to Information

Short Bio

Sonia N. Jorge has been an international consultant in communications policy and regulation, and gender and development for close to 20 years. Her recent work has focused on ICT policy and regulation, strategic planning of the ICT sector, national ICT policy development, new regulatory frameworks (to address competition, interconnection, pricing, sector development), universal access in the context of development, and gender analysis and awareness in the process of planning for information and communication technologies (ICTs). Ms. Jorge has published widely and presented various papers in international conferences, including several focusing on gender and ICT issues. Ms. Jorge holds a Masters in Public Policy (Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, Tufts University) and a BA/BS in Economics and Business Finance (University of Massachusetts). She was raised in Angola, is a Portuguese citizen, and a permanent resident in the USA (Boston, MA).

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