National, Sub-national

Thematic Areas

Logical (code, software, standards)
State, Public Service, Commercial, Community/Citizens
Access, Inclusion and Participation, Diversity and Pluralism, Information, Communication and Expression Rights, Social Justice & Democracy
Content, Governance, Uses
Specific Themes: 
Web accessibility

Short Bio

A web developer since 1995, Kreps is an expert in Web Accessibility, and explorer into the philosophy of Virtuality, and Cultural Identity in the Socially Networked society. He has written a number of academic papers on the ethical and social dimensions of Web Accessibility, and was recently one of two speakers at the Parliamentary IT Committee (PITCOM) on “ICT for the Socially Excluded” at the House of Commons, London.
Kreps is leader of the panel for the Manchester Digital Accessibility Working Group (MDAWG). MDAWG is focused on bringing together digital industries in the Greater Manchester region, and further afield for those prepared to travel, for the purpose of developing expertise in accessible website delivery.
(Source: https://pgcapdavidkreps.wordpress.com/)

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