World Summit on the Information Society Disability Caucus
WSIS Disability Caucus
Multi-stakeholder Forum
Normative standard-setting and deliberation

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Access, Inclusion and Participation, Diversity and Pluralism, Information, Communication and Expression Rights, Social Justice & Democracy
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In 2002, the WSIS Disability Caucus was formed to develop and coordinate input into the PrepCom and other WSIS preparatory processes. Despite this emerging presence and visibility of disability groups through the Caucus, a setback occurred in PrepCom-3 with the absence of people with disabilities in the Draft Declaration, suggesting it now made no ‘substantive comment’. An extra week was added to the process – PreCom-3-Additional (held in November 2003) – where critical lobbying occurred to push for the inclusion of universal design and assistive technology in the Principles draft. This effort represented a turning point, fortified by support from the governments of Thailand, New Zealand, and Mexico for other related amendments (JSRPD, 2004). (WSIS Disability Caucus, 2003). (Source: Goggin (2015) Communication rights and disability online).

Created by: Rosemary Curtis