World Blind Union
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Multi-stakeholder Organization

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Print, Broadcast, Telecommunication, Internet, Recorded Media
Access, Inclusion and Participation, Diversity and Pluralism, Information, Communication and Expression Rights, Social Justice & Democracy
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Specific Themes: 
Specific Themes: 
Digital access for people with disabilities


The World Blind Union (WBU) is an internationally recognized organization, representing the 285 million blind and partially sighted persons in 190 member countries. The WBU speaks to governments and international bodies on issues concerning blindness and visual impairments in conjunction with members. WBU brings together all the major national and international organizations of blind persons and those organizations providing services to the visually impaired to work on the issues affecting the quality of life for blind people. Globally, the WBU is divided into six regions, with each region having its own President and volunteer executive team to assist the needs of the local members.

WBU was a key actor in the development of the UN’s first human rights charter of the 21st century - the Convention of Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The WBU worked with the UN and other international disabled persons organizations to ensure the special needs of blind and partially sighted persons were included in this historic document ratified by over 150 countries to date. WBU also created a toolkit and other resources for its members to enable them to understand and more effectively implement and monitor the UNCRPD at the national and local levels.

Created by: Rosemary Curtis