Search Tutorial

There are several ways of finding content that has been inserted into this database:

1. Categories

  • If you are looking for entries within a specific category (People, Organizational Actors, Policy Documents, or Resources), you can search the dedicated category pages which you access through the Categories menu on the right side. On those pages you will find all profiles that have been entered for that particular category, and you can specify the results further by applying 'filters' for specific themes, levels, policy processes, or profile types.
  • For example: If you are looking for civic organizations that deal with Internet issues on a global level and are involved in the Internet Governance Forum, you would go to the 'Categories' page 'Organizational Actors' and then filter for 'civic organization', 'global' and 'IGF'.

2. Search

  • If you would like to search across all categories for any profile that deals with a particular theme, level, or policy process, or containing a particular keyword, you can do that through the Search box on the right side or through the link 'Advanced Search'. There you can either enter a keyword and receive a list of all entries which contain that keyword, or you can use the filters in the right column to receive a list of all entries which relate to a particular filter.
  • For example: If you are looking for all profiles (Organizational Actors, Policy Documents, etc) that have been entered into the database and that deal with Internet governance, you can type in the key word 'Internet' or you can click on the filter 'Themes', then on 'Platforms', and tick the box 'Internet'.
  • If you choose the filter option, you may then further specify the search by adding other filters, for example 'Global' in 'Levels', and 'Civic Organization' in 'Organization Type'. In this case, you would receive the same list as in the example above.

3. Sections

  • Currently, most profiles that are added to this database are emerging within one of the "sections" - particular thematic areas of the website that gather relevant profiles on issues such as Canadian Broadcast Policy, Policy Change in North Africa and the Middle East, or Gender-related Communication Governance. You can explore the components of those sections by clicking on the link Sections on the right site of this page.

4. Profiles

  • Finally, you may want to start your enquiry with one particular profile that you find through either of the options mentioned above, and explore the links to other profiles that your start profile contains. Most of the profiles refer to other database entries, such as people who are involved with a project or have authored a document, organizations that provide input to a policy process, policy documents that are the outcome of that process, or resources that help framing a debate. These interconnections between profiles allow you to trace a variety of links, such as institutional affiliations and flows of discourse.