Mobile Internet Policy

Mobile Internet is a complex mix of telecommunications, mobile and locative media, Internet and social media. Funded by the Australian Research Council, and undertaken by researchers based at the University of Sydney, this section will map the responses of policy institutions and actors to the range of forms of mobile Internet, and it will look at aspects of mobile media; news diversity; openness of platforms; and citizen participation.

Title Category Additional Type
Federal Trade Commission Organizational Actors Intergovernmental Organization
FleetNet Organizational Actors Civil Society Forum/Coalition
Ford Organizational Actors
Business Club/Forum
General Motors Company Organizational Actors
Business Club/Forum
GENIVI Alliance Organizational Actors
Multi-stakeholder Organization
German Ministry of Education and Research Organizational Actors
Global Internet Policy Initiative Organizational Actors Multi-stakeholder Organization
Globalive Wireless Management Corporation Organizational Actors Corporation/Company
GoGet Organizational Actors
Civil Society Organization
Google Inc. Organizational Actors Corporation/Company
International Telecommunication Union Organizational Actors Intergovernmental Organization
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Organizational Actors Multi-stakeholder Organization

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