Center for the Internet and Society
Parent Institution: 
Standford Law School
Stanford, CA
United States
650 723.2465
Year Created: 
(Independent) Public Sector Entity
Global, National

Thematic Areas

Access, Inclusion and Participation, Information, Communication and Expression Rights
Specific Themes: 
Security and Privacy
Specific Themes: 
Net Neutrality
Specific Themes: 
Internet Rights
Specific Themes: 
Internet Governance
Specific Themes: 
Free/Open Software
Specific Themes: 
Consumer Protection
Specific Themes: 
Access to Information


"The Center for Internet and Society (CIS) is a public interest technology law and policy program at Stanford Law School and a part of Law, Science and Technology Program at Stanford Law School. CIS brings together scholars, academics, legislators, students, programmers, security researchers, and scientists to study the interaction of new technologies and the law and to examine how the synergy between the two can either promote or harm public goods like free speech, innovation, privacy, public commons, diversity, and scientific inquiry."

Created by: Jocelyn Harrington