International Institutions

This section includes global and intergovernmental institutions in the field of global media policy, with links to key documents that they have produced. The section was created by students in the graduate seminar COMS-627 on Global Media Governance, offered by Prof. Marc Raboy at McGill University in winter 2011. More profiles are added on a rolling basis.

Title Category Additional Type
Global Knowledge Partnership Foundation Organizational Actors Multi-stakeholder Organization
ICANN Generic Names Supporting Organization Organizational Actors Multi-stakeholder Organization
Intergovernmental Council of the International Programme for the Development of Communication Organizational Actors Intergovernmental Organization
International Telecommunication Union Organizational Actors Intergovernmental Organization
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Organizational Actors Multi-stakeholder Organization
Internet Governance Forum Organizational Actors Multi-stakeholder Forum
Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group Organizational Actors Multi-stakeholder Organization
Non-Commercial Users Constituency Organizational Actors Civil Society Forum/Coalition
Not-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency Organizational Actors Civil Society Forum/Coalition
Organization of American States Organizational Actors
UN Division of Freedom of Expression and Media Development Organizational Actors Intergovernmental Organization
UNESCO Communication and Information Sector Organizational Actors Intergovernmental Organization

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