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Broadcast, Internet, Recorded Media
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Media Policy Change in North Africa and the Middle East
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Communication Rights
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Civil Society Media


In the fall of 2000, using the opportunities that the internet provided, award winning Arab journalist Daoud Kuttab launched the Arab world’s first internet radio. With funding from the Open Society Institute and UNESCO, the Director of UNESCO’s Amman office, Martin Hadlow and Nidal Al-Hadid, mayor of Amman, launched on November 15th, 2000 the new web-based station. AmmanNet began its first year under the patronage of UNESCO and the Greater Amman Municipality. AmmanNet began producing audio reports, news bulletins and a variety of programming all of which were posted on the Net. Rebroadcasts of the programs (especially from nearby Palestinian stations) were pursued so as to create a terrestrial home for all the audio content that was being posted on the internet. Large sectors of Jordanian society would thus have the opportunity to hear and follow radio programming created in their own country but being broadcast with the help of the internet. Early in January 2008, the name of AmmanNet radio was changed to Al-Balad radio; remained as a news website. The radio and the site are managed by the Community Media Network (CMN), which is a not-for profit organization, registered in March 19th, 2007 under number (156) with the goal to manage media and cultural projects throughout the Kingdom of Jordan. AmmanNet also regularly hosts trainings and workshops on online broadcasting and skills in independent journalism as well as basic radio training. Internet news coverage has made a leading source of information and interactivity with Jordanians in and outside the country and has raised our standing as the leading Jordanian visited web site according to the international standings. Research sponsored by the Washington-based IREX showed that AmmanNet website came as the # 1 local news website in Jordan in 2008. AmmanNet, the Arab world’s first internet radio station, won the gold medal at the 2006 Pan Arab Media Awards.

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