TitleCategoryAdditional TypeAdditional TypeTypeAdditional Type
ACMA Community Broadcasting SectionOrganizational Actors
AMARC Women's International Network Organizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
Bangladesh NGO's Network for Radio and CommunicationOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Forum/Coalition
Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations Organizational ActorsCivil Society Forum/Coalition
CKUT 90.3FM MontrealOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
Community Media Association UKOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
Community Media CanadaOrganizational ActorsBusiness Club/Forum
Community Media Forum EuropeOrganizational Actors
Civil Society Forum/Coalition
Civil Society Organization
Community Media Network (Jordan)Organizational ActorsCivil Society Forum/Coalition
Community Radio Broadcasting Association of AustraliaOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Forum/Coalition
Freedom of Expression Institute (South Africa)Organizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
IAMCR Community Communication SectionOrganizational Actors
Intergovernmental Council of the International Programme for the Development of CommunicationOrganizational ActorsIntergovernmental Organization
InternewsOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
National Campus and Community Radio Association (Canada)Organizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
National Federation of Community Broadcasters (USA)Organizational Actors
Civil Society Forum/Coalition
Civil Society Organization
Prometheus Radio ProjectOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
The Community Radio Forum of IrelandOrganizational Actors
Civil Society Forum/Coalition
Civil Society Organization
UN Division of Freedom of Expression and Media DevelopmentOrganizational ActorsIntergovernmental Organization
Women's Radio FundOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
World Association of Community Radio BroadcastersOrganizational Actors
Civil Society Forum/Coalition
Civil Society Organization
Bianca MigliorettoPeople
Dunya MiyatovichPeople
Frank La Rue: Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expressionPeople
Frieda WerdenPeople
Gretchen KingPeople
Maria Eugenia (Maru) ChavezPeople
Sally BurchPeople
Steve BuckleyPeople
Vinod PavaralaPeople
Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2010-622 (Canada)Policy DocumentBinding policy decision/statement/resolution
Closing Declaration of the Round Table on Community Media and Sustainable Development (Marrakesh 2004)Policy DocumentDeclaration/Plan of Action
Community Media in Europe (European Parliament)Policy DocumentDeclaration/Plan of Action
Community Radio (Amendment) Order 2010 (UK)Policy DocumentBinding policy decision/statement/resolution
Community Radio Broadcasting: Codes of Practice (Australia)Policy DocumentBinding policy decision/statement/resolution
Declaration of the Committee of Ministers on the role of community media in promoting social cohesion and intercultural dialogue (Council of Europe)Policy DocumentDeclaration/Plan of Action
Freedom of Expression Standards for Free and Inclusive Broadcasting - OAS Special Rapporteurship for Freedom of ExpressionPolicy DocumentReport/position paper/brief
Indian MIB Community Radio Broadcasting GuidelinesPolicy DocumentBinding policy decision/statement/resolution
Policy Framework for Community Based Media (Canada)Policy DocumentBinding policy decision/statement/resolution
Principles for Democratic Community Broadcasting LegislationPolicy DocumentNon-binding policy statement/input
Report of the Moderator of the Sub-Group on Community Media WSIS Action Line C9 Media (2011)Policy DocumentReport/position paper/brief
The Australian Broadcasting Services Act 1992Policy DocumentLaw
The Community Radio Order 2004 (UK)Policy DocumentBinding policy decision/statement/resolution
The State of Community Media in the European UnionPolicy DocumentReport/position paper/brief
US Local Community Radio ActPolicy DocumentBinding policy decision/statement/resolution
Community media: a good practice handbookResources
Community Radio Assessment: Removing Barriers, Increasing EffectivenessResources
Community Radio for Development in JordanResources
Community Radio in India: A Guide for Civil SocietyResources
Conference "Community Media and the Arab Spring"Resources
FCC: Information Needs of CommunitiesResources
From Pirates to Partners: The Legalization of Community Radio in UruguayResources
Gender Policy for Community Radio Resources
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Annual Report - Volume III Chapter 2: Assessment of the Situation of Freedom of Expression in the HemisphereResources
Legislation on Community Broadcasting: Comparative study of the legislation of 13 countriesResources
Media at the Margins: Policy and Practice in American, Canadian, and British Community TelevisionResources
Promoting Community Media in AfricaResources
The Invisible Gags: New and Old Barriers to Diversity in Radio BroadcastingResources
Women's Empowerment and Good Governance Through Community RadioResources
Women's International News Gathering Service (WINGS)Resources