TitleCategoryAdditional TypeAdditional TypeTypeAdditional Type
Adalah - The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in IsraelOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
Al Sawt Al HurrOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
Al-Masry Al-Youm for Journalism and PublicationOrganizational ActorsCorporation/Company
American University in CairoOrganizational Actors(Independent) Public Sector Entity
American University of Iraq, SulaimaniOrganizational Actors(Independent) Public Sector Entity
AmmanNetOrganizational Actors(Independent) Public Sector Entity
Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific OrganizationOrganizational ActorsIntergovernmental Organization
Arab Media Forum for Environment and DevelopmentOrganizational Actors(Independent) Public Sector Entity
Arab States Broadcasting UnionOrganizational Actors(Independent) Public Sector Entity
Arabic Network for Human Rights InformationsOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
Article 19Organizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
B'Tselem - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied TerritoriesOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
Centre for Law and DemocracyOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
Council of Arab Economic UnityOrganizational ActorsIntergovernmental Organization
Doha Centre for Media FreedomOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
Global Information Society WatchOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Forum/Coalition
IFEX Tunisia Monitoring GroupOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Forum/Coalition
Isaam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International AffairsOrganizational Actors
League of Arab StatesOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Forum/Coalition
Middle East Media Research InstituteOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
Pen MediaOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
Programme on Governance in the Arab RegionOrganizational ActorsMulti-stakeholder Organization
Radio Al-Balad 92.4FMOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
The Alternative Information CenterOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
The Association for Civil Rights in IsraelOrganizational ActorsCivil Society Organization
Cynthia WongPeople
A Media Policy for IraqPolicy DocumentReport/position paper/brief
Agadir AgreementPolicy DocumentTreaty/Convention/Agreement
Arab Charter of Human RightsPolicy DocumentTreaty/Convention/Agreement
Arab Media and Sustainable Development Capacity-Building Action Plan (2001)Policy DocumentReport/position paper/brief
Article 19 Comment on the Iraq Draft Informatics Crimes LawPolicy DocumentReport/position paper/brief
Audiovisual Media Law of the Kingdom of JordanPolicy DocumentLaw
B'Tselem 2009 Activity ReportPolicy DocumentReport/position paper/brief
B'Tselem 2010 Activity ReportPolicy DocumentReport/position paper/brief
Closing Declaration of the Round Table on Community Media and Sustainable Development (Marrakesh 2004)Policy DocumentDeclaration/Plan of Action
Comments on the Draft Decrees Making up the Tunisian Press LawPolicy DocumentNon-binding policy statement/input
Draft Egyptian Broadcast LawPolicy DocumentLaw
Draft Tunisian Press LawPolicy DocumentLaw
Egypt Media Law ReviewPolicy DocumentReport/position paper/brief
Egypt: Analysis of Draft Law Relating to the Regulation and the Right to Demonstrate in Public SpacePolicy DocumentReport/position paper/brief
Egypt: Protecting free expression and information in new constitutionPolicy DocumentReport/position paper/brief
Egypt: Protecting Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Information in the New ConstitutionPolicy DocumentReport/position paper/brief
Memorandum on the Audiovisual Media Law (Provisional Law No. 71, 2002) of the Kingdom of JordanPolicy DocumentNon-binding policy statement/input
Pact of the League of Arab StatesPolicy DocumentTreaty/Convention/Agreement
The Marrakech DeclarationPolicy DocumentDeclaration/Plan of Action
Tunisia Media Law ReviewPolicy DocumentReport/position paper/brief
Tunisia: Internet regulationPolicy DocumentResearch/Expert contribution
UNESCO's Declaration of Sana'a on Promoting Independent and Pluralistic Arab MediaPolicy DocumentDeclaration/Plan of Action
Universal Declaration of Human RightsPolicy DocumentDeclaration/Plan of Action
Arab Media and SocietyResources
Assessing National Media Landscapes in the MENA Region Using UNESCO's MDIs Resources
Assessment of the Press Coverage of the Maspero ViolenceResources
Building Free Expression Advocacy Capacity in the MENA Region Resources
Building New Media Institutions in the MENA Region: Summary ReportResources
Censorship in Syria-Interactive GraphicResources
Community Radio for Development in JordanResources
Conference "Community Media and the Arab Spring"Resources
Deciphering User-Generated Content in Transitional SocietiesResources
E-revolutions and cyber crackdowns: User-generated content and social networking in protests in MENA and beyondResources
Egypt Media Development ProgramResources
False Freedom: Online Censorship in the Middle East and North AfricaResources
In The Name of God: Faith-Based Internet Censorship in Majority Muslim CountriesResources
Journalism Ethics Revisited: A Comparison of Ethics Codes in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Muslim AsiaResources
Media Sustainability Index (MSI) - Middle East & North AfricaResources
Middle East and North Africa Media Development Initiatives Alliance (MENA MEDIA)Resources
Middle East and North Africa: Historic Opportunity for Freedom of ExpressionResources
New Media and the Information Revolution in the Arab World: An AssessmentResources
Online Security in the Middle East and North Africa: A Survey of Perceptions, Knowledge, and PracticeResources
POGAR: Arab Media LawsResources
Show of Force: Israeli Military Conduct in Weekly Demonstrations in a-Nabi SalehResources
Spring into Winter? Fragile achievements and exceptional challenges for Tunisian free expression defendersResources
State of Human Rights – Situation Report 2011Resources
The Inequality Report: The Palestinian Arab Minority in IsraelResources
The Internet and Social Movements in North AfricaResources
The Power of Information in the Middle EastResources
The Transformative Egyptian Media Landscape: Changes, Challenges and Comparative PerspectivesResources
The New Tunisian Legislative Framework: A Focus on Press and Audiovisual MediaResources